William Morris Gallery-2

williammorris1Illustration I made for this long awaited post!

I will be taking you through the William Morris gallery (London) and sharing a few photos from my visit. Check out my earlier post here where you will see the park and the building from outside.

wm1Bus ride to Walthamstow where the gallery is located.

wm2Side view of the gallery

wm3First Floor, entrance to other exhibit rooms




wm7Handprinted tiles








wm15Hand printed Swatch Books

I ended the day with a few Morris goodies from the store. I had to time my gallery walk so as not to miss the store!


Inspired by my Desk Calendar designs, I adapted my favourite ones into iPhone wallpapers. The calendar is available in my shop here. Each month’s art is based on a song, you can read my earlier post on the calendar here. Download link for the wallpapers is right below the image!

wallpapers post - calendar1 wallpapers post - calendar2 wallpapers post - calendar3

Download wallpapers from here and feel free to share it!

Wallpaper: simplicity

iphone wallpaper3aDownload wallpaper: iPhone 5 / iPhone 4 

When I get stuck, I try to simplify.
I hope this month’s message brings you magic!

Wallpaper: spread the light

iphone wallpaper2Download wallpaper: iPhone 5 / iPhone 4 

Share joy and happy times with your friends and family.
This month’s message as a lock screen for myself and you all!

Wallpaper: explore

iphonemockupDownload wallpaper: iPhone 5 / iPhone 4 

Exploration is a journey of looking within.
I like it as a lock screen. Hope you like it too!