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illustrations 3

From top left to right: Cheers!, Untitled, King’s cross, Maharaja, Daydreamer, Fishy boy, Afro, Heart is where home is.

illustrations / 01

Hello! First one in the illustration series which I started recently. Doodling a character a day to keep me inspired on daily basis. Subscribe to blog to follow the series.

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From top left to right: stolen flowers, goddess of wealth, old friends, lets fly away, stay out, ballet and ice creams, indian street-seller, no way out.

Fly High

I had made a bunch of hand-embroidered books with different titles to the cover. Fly high is one of them. This is my sketchbook now and I am totally loving it. I will be sharing some of the doodles soon!

Notebook 6

Flowers of England

Nature has always been an inspiration and I found myself go deeper in the last one month of being away from work and routine life. I drew this at my friend’s garden in London, who had moved into a new house a few months ago. The earlier owner had sowed various seeds last year, so each week something new had been popping out of the garden. Just two weeks after I returned to India I was told about the blackberries guest appearance!


Flowers 1

Flowers 3

Flowers 4

Flowers 5

Flowers 6

Flowers 8All over York there were yellow flowers and bicycles to welcome the Tour de France. Many stores had yellow themed window displays, but this one grabbed my attention instantly.