William Morris Gallery-2

williammorris1Illustration I made for this long awaited post!

I will be taking you through the William Morris gallery (London) and sharing a few photos from my visit. Check out my earlier post here where you will see the park and the building from outside.

wm1Bus ride to Walthamstow where the gallery is located.

wm2Side view of the gallery

wm3First Floor, entrance to other exhibit rooms




wm7Handprinted tiles








wm15Hand printed Swatch Books

I ended the day with a few Morris goodies from the store. I had to time my gallery walk so as not to miss the store!

William Morris Gallery-1

One of the highlights of my stay in London was William Morris Gallery. I spent a whole day at the gallery, reading about his journey as a writer, textile designer, weaver, typographer, calligrapher, activist (list is long)! There are endless designs by him and other artists who worked with him and for him.

The gallery was once his family home for 8 years.

morris2Front entrance to the gallery (left). Lloyd Park on the back side (right).

morris1You will find many of the flowers here which are part of his textile and wallpaper collection, made over 150 years ago.

morris3Took a break to have my home-made salad here.

morris4 Summer evenings are full of birds, squirrels and kids at the park.

morris5Back entrance and view. Its got a sweet little cafe right beside.

This post shows the gallery building from the outside and Lloyd Park.  My next post on Morris is here, where you can see his works and the gallery from inside.

Flowers of England

Nature has always been an inspiration and I found myself go deeper in the last one month of being away from work and routine life. I drew this at my friend’s garden in London, who had moved into a new house a few months ago. The earlier owner had sowed various seeds last year, so each week something new had been popping out of the garden. Just two weeks after I returned to India I was told about the blackberries guest appearance!


Flowers 1

Flowers 3

Flowers 4

Flowers 5

Flowers 6

Flowers 8All over York there were yellow flowers and bicycles to welcome the Tour de France. Many stores had yellow themed window displays, but this one grabbed my attention instantly.


the creator, the inspirer.

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